Today, May 22, is National Chardonnay Day!

Most sparkling and all of Champagnes are made from the Chardonnay grape. That's how I plan to celebrate!

Also, you can find Chardonnay in White Burgundies. Burgundy is where Chardonnay originated, now it's grown wherever people are making wine. If you see a bottle labeled Chablis, it is also Chardonnay and from the Northern part of Burgundy.  (French wine can be confusing because it is labeled by region, not grape but the more you learn/taste, the easier it becomes!)

Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy account for more than three-fifths of all Chardonnay plantings in France.

And who doesn't know about California Chardonnay! Wente Vineyards is the mother of all Chardonnay here in the US. Almost all of the current Chardonnay vines planted have come from some sort of Wente clone. So of course, they are celebrating #NationalChardonnayDay with a virtual toast at 6pm PST. Learn more here

From Wente's website

From Wente's website

So open up a bottle today in celebration of #NationalChardonnayDay!