José Andres Comes to Tyson's Corner

Having moved to the burbs in Northern VA a few years back, I've been searching for great restaurants (that are not chains!). To my surprise there have been quite a few:

Pizzeria Orso, 2941, Maple Ave just to name a few of my favorites.

Rarely, world-known celebrity chefs work their way to the burbs either.

José Andres has recently opened his America Eats Tavern in the Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner.

First thing I noticed was the wine list. A great selection of American wines with a substantial showing of local, Virginia wines!

The food menu does not disappoint either. The origin of the popular American dishes are listed under each menu item. Great for trivia!

You can't go wrong with the beef short ribs:

Or how about Mutton? I had to look up what this actually was but lamb is the meat of a sheep under 1 year, hogget is the meat of a juvenile sheep and mutton is that of an adult. Nonetheless, served with potatoes and fried oysters, this is a fantastic entree.


The check holder is not the usual black, plastic bifold. They bring it to you in an actual book, classic American novels. Ours came in Squeeze Play, how did they know my husband adored this book as a kid!


We had a great date night and will be returning!