So you don't like Riesling?

It's one of the biggest misconceptions in the wine world.

Riesling is sweet. I don't like sweet wines.

That is a true statement to some degree. However, not ALL Rieslings are sweet. The sweet ones have their place, like paired with a spicy Thai dish, but as with any varietal, you can find dry, semi-dry, off-dry and dessert. 

A dry Riesling is one of the most versatile food wines out there. Crisp and acidic, dry Rieslings pair perfectly with seafood, appetizers, and chicken. Not having food? It's great with just some friends on a patio.

New York state has some of the best dry Rieslings in the market. Mostly from the Finger Lakes, just about every winery in the area produces at least one Riesling. I recently participated in a Twitter chat, aptly named #winechat, that focused on Finger Lakes 2013 Rieslings. We discussed the region, the wines, the 2013 vintage with fellow bloggers and industry folks.

Everyone enjoyed the lineup of dry Rieslings that we virtually tasted and all were wondering why more people don't enjoy this side of Riesling.

It comes down mostly to education and stubbornness. People's first notion to Riesling is that it's sweet and they move on. If you're a true wine lover, you know that not every grape/wine/bottle is produced the same. There are many factors; region, terroir, vintage, winemaking style, aging and more! Keep this in mind when glancing the shelves at the retail store or the wine list.

Don't be that closed minded Wino and seek out a bottle of dry Riesling, you won't be disappointed!