2015 marks my 30th year! Wow, how life changes as you get older.

Maybe it's the wisdom that comes with age and the lack of sweating the small stuff but nonetheless, life changes. I mean I could say the same thing when I turned 20. I'm sure there are changes with each decade; philosophy, thoughts, the inner you, family, career, the list goes on.

Change in Priorities

  1. Maybe it's your career or being a fantastic parent, either way your focus is no longer on who has the nicest car or coolest clothes. You're more focused on bettering yourself, to be yourself, not who/what your surroundings say you should be.
  2. People still influence you but in a different way. They inspire you to grow and be who you are. In your 20s, maybe your influencers were trying to get you to become more like them, "Keep up with the Joneses" theory. #InYour30thYear you seriously don't care what some people perceive of you, mostly because you're happy with who you've become and you're rocking it!
  3. It's about becoming a grown up. Owning a house, investing in your retirement, career goals, paying off student loans. #InYour30thYear all of this is in the forefront of your mind, or definitely more so than it used to be!
  4. You strive to be healthy. No more junk food instead you spend time in the kitchen making meals from scratch for your family. You really think about what you're putting in your body and how to stay as healthy as possible.

You find your true friends. 

  1. These are the ones who don't want to change you and the ones who are genuinely happy to be your friend.
  2. You don't see those true friends as often as you'd like but you don't take it to heart. Everyone is starting to be busy with their own life and family. Earlier in your 20s, you had nothing but time to spend with each other. Now, you look forward to going home after work and spending time with your significant other or just decompressing from life. Everyone understands that feeling and no feelings get hurt when you can't catch up with each other.
  3. When you do find time to get together with friends, even if only a mile away, it's like time never passed. There's no blame game on why it took so long to get together, you're just in the moment enjoying that girl time.

Your idea of the perfect weekend changes.

  1. Happy hour #InYour30thYear is more like $8 glasses of wine at a steakhouse or at that new trendy restaurant in the neighborhood. Long gone are the days of $1 drafts and rails at the local college bar. I mean how can you miss the sticky floors, crowds, and standing room only.
  2. Pregame with friends after work on Friday night with the plan to hit the bars at 11pm. 11pm? C'mon, your Friday nights now entail take out, pj's and Shark Tank. It's been a long week!
  3. Sleep until noon? Not anymore, this probably goes hand in hand with number 2. Since you're not watching the sun come up, you're actually productive on weekend mornings. Maybe you hit up the farmers market, pick up dry cleaning, or mow the lawn all before noon.
  4. The nights you do actually go out on a weekend, you'll be feeling it the next day or maybe even dayssss. Gone are the times that you get up and start doing it all over again.
  5. Day drinking is where it's at. I'd much rather drink and hang out with friends when the sun is up. (insert winery) You can have a good time before you start yawning at 9pm. You'll probably be home in bed by the time you used to go out!

You stress about different things than before.

  1. Career. It's not just a job anymore, You don't just show up and punch the clock. You have real responsibilities. But by gaining more responsibility, you always have to be on. Nowadays, your office can contact you 24/7 and the emails never stop. It can be stressful to get everything done. However, you genuinely enjoy what you're doing. You've got enough real-world experience after your college degree #InYour30thYear and you own it.
  2. Finances. Building up your savings, reducing debt and saving for retirement can be stressful where before it may have been harder to understand the importance. You no longer enjoy going from paycheck to paycheck. You actually stress about ever having to do that again! Budget is your friend, and sticking to it!
  3. Don't sweat the small stuff. Earlier in life, I definitely took things to heart. Now i let things roll off my back, it's not worth my time and stress for things like "who said what?". See "Change in Priorities" above.

What changes do you see #InYour30thYear?


*disclaimer: This is based on my personal life. I am married and do not have children yet. I realize some people's views of being 30 may differ*