Hosting a Party? Don't Neglect your Front Door

It's the first thing guests see as they arrive. By adding a few simple (and cheap!) additions, you can really liven up your front door for your next party.

Originally our front step was dull and boring and pretty dark. A dark brown mat, no wreath or bright colors. For under $100, I redid the whole thing!

Start with a wreath. It's easy to make or you can even buy one already made. I made this one from a square wreath I found at Home Goods and added some personal touches with flowers and a wooden letter. I chose neutral colors so it can be used all year long.

Also, spice up your front patio with some bright colors like this vase turned planter, some fake flowers and a simple lantern. Don't forget to update the mat for a pop of color as well!

Simple! Now I'm ready to host my next party with a warm, welcome from the start!