A New Favorite...Vellum

Working in distribution, I come across A LOT of new finds. Most recently, I met the winemaker of Vellum Wine Craft based in Napa, CA.

Jeff Mathy visited us in the DC area to showcase his 3 wines: Vellum White, Vellum Cabernet Sauvignon & Vellum Black. The Cabernet is the flagship wine and what started the entire brand. Jeff and his business partner, Karl, made their first vintage of Cabernet in 2007. And their inaugural vintage was quite a hit with a "result of the highest rated and most age worthy Napa Cabernet in 2007"!

But how did this company come about?

Karl is a war veteran and moved west when he returned, studying enology and viticulture from UC Davis. Jeff has a history as a mountaineer, completing the 7 Summits and in the process he met a Master of Wine who spiked his interest in the wine industry. A friendship was born and ultimately (and good for us!) wine production began. If you're wondering about the name, Vellum is the decorative canvas that is said to be what the Bible, Declaration of Independence and other significant documents were printed on. "Like true vellum canvas, Vellum Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine made for the ages." 

The most recent vintage, Vellum produced ~1400 cases total, now that's small production! They do have a wine club and have began distribution this year. With such small production at the moment, there is not a lot of these wines to distribute so get it while you can!

So now about the wines. They are all made in the Bordeaux-style, which is exactly what I like! They are also all unfiltered, unfined and organic.

2012 Vellum White - 80% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Semillon - 8 barrels produced - Similar to a Bordeaux Blanc with notes of citrus, ripe gooseberry with a complex finish.

2009 Vellum Cabernet Sauvignon - 80% Cabernet 10% Petit Verdot 10% Merlot - 50 barrels produced - Received the Silver Decanter World Wine Award - Deep ruby in color with notes of dark fruits and spices.

2010 Vellum Black - 85% Petit Verdot 15% Cabernet - 8 barrels produced - This big, bold wine has notes of dark fruit, cassis and a hint of spice. Tasting notes quote "the highest expression of Petit Verdot, age worthy 25+ years and the crown of an unforgettable vintage!"