Cheese & Charcuterie

It’s not a cocktail party without the basic cheese and charcuterie platter. It’s as simple as choosing a selection of cheeses and meats and placing on a nice platter with some spreads and garnishes and of course, the right wines.

Select a wide range of cheeses to appeal to all palates. The platter should have at least 3 different cheeses. Adding garnishes like fig spread, honey, grapes, apples and dried fruits help take your platter to the next level. Don’t forget some crackers and hearty bread.

Common charcuterie selections include salami, chorizo, paté, speck, proscuitto, soppressata and more.

Via A Beautiful Mess
Check out these basic cheese and wine pairings:

                    Goat Cheese – soft, goat milk, “chevre” ------- Crisp, acidic White – Sauvignon Blanc
                    Blue Cheese – soft, cow, sheep or goat  -------    Sweet, dessert wine – Port or Sauternes
                    Brie – soft, cow’s milk                         -------    Full-bodied, round White - Chardonnay
                    Cheddar – firm, cow’s milk -------    Tannic, bold Red – Cabernet Sauvignon
                    Gouda – firm, cow’s milk                     -------     Fruity, balanced Red – Merlot
                    Manchego – firm, sheep’s milk, Spain     -------     Rich, fruity Red – Malbec

Favorite ways for plating:
                    *  On a wooden chopping block             *  On a slate board