The Wining Hostess To-Go

Whether it's a friend who has just moved into a new place, just had a baby or is under the weather, there's no gift like the gift a warm dinner in the comfort of their home.

My friend recently had her 2nd baby girl (awww) AND broke her finger (ouch!).

So what better way to go meet the new addition and bring dinner along?

The best and easiest option is lasagna. Perfect to make ahead, carry and re-heat. Plus it's a great family friendly meal and who doesn't love ooey-gooey cheesy pasta? So comforting.

No Italian meal is complete without garlic bread and a salad. Also, very easy to prepare ahead of time, just don't dress the salad until you're ready to eat.

Pack up the items, bring a bottle of wine along and hey, flowers never hurt either.

Classic wine pairings include a nice Chianti, Syrah, or a Malbec blend. All are easily accessible and don't break the budget.

What are you waiting for? Take dinner to a friend tonight.