Match food and wines in terms of the weight of each or acidity of each. This is a fundamental way of thinking about pairings.

WEIGHT/BODY It's important to keep the body, or weight, of the wine in mind. A heavy, full bodied wine will match well with a heavier dish.

ACIDITY The acids in wine and the natural acids in food must be considered when pairing food and wines. An acidic wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc, is useful in balancing a rich or spicy dish such as Thai.

SWEETNESS A sweet wine is best matched with a high-acid food, such as blue cheese. Sweet foods tend to distort wine flavors and make dry wines taste flat.

AGE/MATURITY An older wine may be overwhelmed by strong flavors. The complex flavors need tos hine on their own against a simpler dish - for example, a grilled steak with an aged Bordeaux.


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