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{Tips and Tricks}

1. COSTCO Membership - When hosting events, you never want to run out of anything (food, drinks, toilet paper!). My Costco membership ensures we always have a stock of household needs including paper products, cleaners, garbage bags and more. It's also a great way to get more for the money. Hosting a party can be quite expensive and shopping at Costco for some of your food items will help stay on budget and ensure you have enough for the event.

2. Set out all of your dishes, ramekins and platters beforehand so it will be easy to set the table once the food is complete. I also use sticky notes to label what food goes on what platter. It helps to organize everything before so you're not fumbling around, looking for matching platters at the last minute.

3. Buy wine in bulk. Almost all, if not all, wine stores and outlets provide a discount on bulk purchases. Hosting a dinner party, cocktail party or just having some friends over, always take advantage of this deal. Most of the time you can get 10-15% off 6 bottles or more. Remember to get a variety of wines so you can please every palate. 

4. Reuse household items to decorate for your party. You won't believe how you can jazz up a party by using household items you already have! Christmas lights are a great addition under a food table, or hang from the ceiling to illuminate your next dinner party. Use shoe boxes, turn them upside down and use them as stands for food items on your next buffet table to add height. Use picture frames and print out menus or cocktail recipes, etc and place them around your next party to guide guests throughout your party.

5. Choose a theme for your next party. It's so much easier to compile a menu, decorations, place cards and more when you have a theme to follow. The ideas will start flowing as soon as you nail down a color, region, etc. This also makes for a more focused vision and your party will appear more organized and it will WOW your guests.